Jan Jongboom

Hi! I'm a developer and evangelist currently working on the Internet of Things for ARM. Within ARM I work on developer relations, the mbed platform, and connectivity for IoT. I walk the fine line between embedded and web development, having also contributed code to various Mozilla projects and being recognised as a Google Developer Expert for Web technologies from 2015-2016.

Before ARM I worked in Telenor, where my last position was IoT Engineer. I built the first LoRa network in the Nordics, worked on smart offices, and wrote embedded software for LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Before that I worked on Firefox OS, focusing on performance on low-cost devices, and as a module peer for the keyboard; writing hundreds of patches for the core OS along the way.

Besides being doing hardcore coding I do evangelism on IoT, physical web, connectivity and HTML5 development. Both in conferences (Yandex YAC, JSConf EU, JSConf Asia, JSConf US, VelocityConf, etc. etc.), as well as training events; app days; competitions; and hackathons.

I've also worked at Cloud9 IDE, funda.nl and at a bunch of smaller companies. My CV has it all. Occasionally I also write a blog post, and help people on StackOverflow. My code (the open source part at least) is in patch files on bugzilla or on GitHub. You can contact me on twitter, or through janjongboom@gmail.com.

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