Jan Jongboom

Hi! I'm a developer and evangelist currently working on machine learning for small devices as the CTO of Edge Impulse. At Edge Impulse we want to make machines smarter, by enabling developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions through embedded Machine Learning.

Until recently I ran the developer relations team at Arm, worked on advancing LPWAN technology such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, and was looking at the future of embedded development through high-level languages, simulation and machine learning on the edge. I walk the fine line between embedded and web development, having also contributed code to various Mozilla projects and being recognised as a Google Developer Expert for Web technologies in the past.

"In today’s world all companies are software companies, and developers are often the ones finding, architecting and even buying technology"
Stephen O'Grady - The New Kingmakers

I'm a strong believer in this quote; capturing developer mindshare is vital to the success of companies. However, traditional marketing does not work on developers, they cut right through the bullshit. The only way to reach them is through genuinely awesome technology. This is what my team does. We are engineers, build awesome things using Arm's technology, and then talk about it. I spend 50% of my time working on things that I believe other developers will find interesting; the rest of the time I spend talking with developers.

In the past I worked at Telenor, as a core engineer and evangelist for Firefox OS, and as IoT engineer and tech lead for their LoRaWAN network. I've also worked at Cloud9 IDE (now part of AWS), funda.nl and at a bunch of smaller companies. My CV has it all. Occasionally I also write a blog post, and help people on StackOverflow. My code (the open source part at least) is on GitHub. You can contact me on LinkedIn, or through janjongboom@gmail.com.

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